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Open class on ESC and the Festival da Canção (Portugal) with Gonçalo Madaíl (RTP)

On the 14th of April, at 4pm (WET), at FCSH, NOVA University of Lisbon (room B210 | Torre B | Av. de Berna), the first open class of the Seminar Music Festivals in Portugal and Europe will take place.

The Seminar is oriented by Sofia Vieira Lopes and this open class will host Gonçalo Madaíl, Director of RTP Memória, Deputy Director of RTP1, General Coordinator of Festival da Canção and Creative Director of ESC2018, under the topic:"The Eurovision Song Contest and the Festival da Canção. Concept, production and results".

This is the first of several sessions open to the community. The next activities will take place on the following dates:

- 21 April - Guest: Nuno Galopim, Director of Antena 1 | Writer ESC2018 - Topic: How to carry out media coverage of Music Festivals

- 28 April - Guest: Ricardo Bramão, President of Aporfest - Portuguese Association of Music Festivals - Topic: The reality of Music Festivals in Portugal

- 19 May - Guest: Filipa Cardoso, Director of the Department of Communication and Digital Marketing at Turismo de Portugal - Topic: Music Festivals, Tourism and Economy

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