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The EUROVISIONS Series - Back from Eurovision, in its first edition, curated by the EUROVISIONS Research Group together with NOVA FCSH, was an academic meeting that aims to continue, at school, the discussion about the ESC in its various perspectives, bringing together different enthusiasts - broadcasters, fans, academics or others - that help to keep this mega event alive throughout the last seven decades.

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Day One | 16th May 2022 | 2:30-5:00 p.m.


Book presentation in Portugal
Eurovision as a Cultural Phenomenon: From the Music Halls to the Halls of Academia
ge 2022)

by Isabel Campêlo, NOVA FCSH
Adam Dubin, Universidade Pontifícia Comillas, Madrid - editor
João Soeiro de Carvalho, NOVA FCSH - author
Sofia Vieira Lopes, PhD Candidate NOVA FCSH – author

Day Two | 30th May 2022 | 2:30-5:00 p.m.


Masterclass: Unboxing Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision in Portugal: from backstage to stage (RTP 2018)

a conversation conducted by Sofia Vieira Lopes and Isabel Campêlo
Gonçalo Madaíl, Creative Director of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018
Maria Ferreira, Head of Events and Logistics of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

People involved


Carla Figueira (ICCE, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK)

Irving Wolther (Fachhochschule des Mittelstands Hannover, Germany)​

Isabel Campêlo (INET-md, FCSH | NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal)​

João Soeiro de Carvalho (INET-md, FCSH | NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal)​

Maria de São José Côrte-Real (INET-md, FCSH | NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal)​

Sofia Vieira Lopes (INET-md, FCSH | NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal)​

Beatriz Rodrigues (FCSH | NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal)​

Diogo Caveiro (FCSH | NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal)​

Vitória Leuca (FCSH | NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal)​

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