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Music Festivals in Portugal and Europe

A new Research Seminar on music festivals in Portugal and Europe will be available to Masters and PhD students at FCSH | NOVA University of Lisbon.

The Professor in charge of this Seminar is our co-founder, researcher Sofia Vieira Lopes, based on the research she has been developing on the Eurovision Song Contest and on the Festival RTP da Canção (Portugal).

This is a free curricular option for all Masters and PhD and be organized in two parts:

1. First:

- Historical and theoretical approaches, national and international, about music festivals in

Portugal and Europe.

- Questioning concepts: Festival and its different models (festival as a competition and festival as an experience), festivalization of culture, cultural diplomacy, fandom, e.o.

- History of Music Festivals produced in the Iberian Peninsula for media and tourist contexts

- Relationships with the music industries

- Case studies: Eurovision Song Contest and RTP Song Contest - economic and cultural


2. Second:

- Practice of the stakeholders involved in the design, organization and mediation of these

events - Eight guest speakers from music and media industries - small and big festivals, media partners, tourism, a.o.;

- Crossing theoretical perspectives with practical experience;

- Close contact of students with the economic and business contexts;

- Foster critical thinking based on practice and academic approaches.

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